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Pole coating & mast info

Mast coating

Our standard mast is galvanized. We recommend additional powder coating for application in highly corrosive environments, marine use for example.


Please choose the mast that is most appropriate for your application. The flat roof mast assembly is suitable for almost any flat roof. The monopole can be used for ground installations. We also offer a mast suitable for use in lighting applications, including armatures.

The monopole and light mast do not include foundations. The requirements for the foundation are unique to the geology of your location. Depending on your location, additional costs for foundation and/or installation might occur. The flat roof mast doesn’t require a foundation, it can be installed as ordered via our webshop.


Our support team can assist you in determining what the requirements for your foundation are. You can select your preferred means of communication for any questions about coatings, masts or foundations on our Contact page.