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Side view of The Windleaf small wind turbine

To get a quick answer to your question, please take a look at the frequently asked questions below. Can’t find the answer? Take a look at the possibilities to contact our support team, and choose the way of contact that best suits your needs.


Make sure you place a wind turbine on a spot with enough wind. If you are standing on the spot you have in mind you should ideally have a free field of view in all directions. This entails no (high) buildings or trees directly around your turbine location. Anything higher than the spot where The Windleaf is placed will cause at least some wind shadow (turbulence).

Another factor is the most common wind direction. Objects hindering less common wind directions have less influence on power generation.

For Dutch customers we advise you to take a look at this tool provided by the Dutch government, to check the wind supply at an altitude of 20 meters. With sufficient wind, it may be possible to install at  a lower height without adversely affecting energy production.

The wind experts on our support team are more than willing to advise you about any locations you have in mind. Please check our Contact page to choose your preferred means of communication.


Using a roof setup, The Windleaf can be easily combined with solar panels. Both technologies are complementary. Solar energy has its peak during daylight hours, and in summer rather than winter. Wind energy is distributed evenly between night and day, but is usually slightly more effective during winter time. Combining the two gives you the most balanced independent energy supply. Using wind energy in addition to solar energy might also be the best answer for locations where supplying your energy to the grid isn’t an option. The solar wind combination can even decrease your battery capacity requirements.


In The Netherlands, there is an operating grant encouraging Sustainable Energy Production, which offers producers financial compensation for the renewable energy they generate. Additionally, Dutch companies can use the ‘MIA’ (Milieu-investeringsaftrek) and ‘KIA’ (Kleinschaligheidsinvesteringsaftrek).

Do you have tips for our international customers? We’d love to hear from you.

Since The Windleaf is placed unattached to the roof, it is regarded as a non-building-related business tool. It’s a movable property. However, please let local authorities confirm this conception. It might be possible that you need a planning permission.

In The Netherlands, for some industrial areas the Crisis en herstelwet applies. If that is applicable you do not need a permit.

The Windleaf

The rotor diameter of The Windleaf is 1.7 meters. The height of your total combination, depends on the mast chosen. Our flat roof combination is around 5 meters total height (including the turbine blades), whereas the monopole is approximately 8 meters in height.

Using the flat roof mast, total weight of our product comes to 120kg. More specifically, the three blades each have a weight of 0.7kg, the core (nacelle) weighs around 10kg, and the frame for your flat roof is approximately 108kg.

Our wind turbine is suitable for almost any flat roof, or it can be placed on the ground (with a screw pile as foundation, which we also supply). In addition, we are continuously exploring new opportunities and applications. Currently, we are als offering an adjusted mast applicable to street lighting solutions.

Do you want to make sure your targeted location is suitable for placing The Windleaf? Our support team is more than willing to advise you. Please take a look at our Contact page to find out which means of communication best suits your needs.

The Windleaf is famous for its extreme low noise levels. Standing next to the turbine, you will notice a slight wind noise. This slight wind noise completely blends in with the background noise standing from around 10 meters, even when there is no sound around other than that of nature.

We designed The Windleaf to be discrete and beautiful. When active, the rotor blades quickly become invisible because of the speed of movement. You will notice the core (nacelle), which is available in many primary colors. If you would like the core to have your own custom (company) color, please ask us about the possibilities.

The energy revenues of The Windleaf are directly related to a location’s wind supply. At an average wind speed of 4 meters per second, it produces about 500 kilowatt hours per year. At 6 meters per second, it’s around 900 kilowatt hours per year.

For small wind turbines, it is of significant importance to choose a generator that is as small as possible. This results in a lower start-up wind speed and a higher efficiency at lower wind speeds compared to larger generators. A generator with higher power might look positive, but often results in either less power generation or higher costs per unit of generated energy. The Windleaf is supplied with a specially developed generator and converter. Our extensive testing program has made us able to offer you the optimal power generation setup.

The Windleaf is suitable to charge a battery. Please contact us to get advise about which battery best suits your own independent energy supply installation.


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