The design of The Windleaf is based on solutions we found in nature.
design inspired by nature biomimicry

Design inspired by nature

“It starts with knowing how the wind works.”

Our story

"We are continuously energized by nature."

Windchallenge is an innovative company that designs and produces energy solutions based on wind energy. Solutions can be simple and smart at the same time. Like our patented pitching blades, which we applied to the design of The Windleaf. These blades adjust to the wind speed, hunting for the optimal balance and performance. As a result, The Windleaf achieves impressive results in all weather conditions and is stormproof. On top of its performances, we love the fact it is small, silent, esthetic and moveable. We offer everyone an opportunity to become more powerful. Where you need it.

Energize your independence.

We are proud of our products. And it makes us even more proud knowing our customers experience the same pride when looking at their own wind turbines. Together we energize independence.

Wind architect Sander Mertens
"Wind gives us energy."
“Wind has always intrigued me. I want to understand it and benefit from it.”

Our story began with Sander Mertens – who has always been intrigued by the wind. Sander started experimenting with wind at a very young age. He built his own first wind turbine himself, and designed a complex kite while still in grammar school.

Not surprisingly Sander chose to study Physics, went on to Aerospace Engineering and got a PhD on wind energy in the built environment. He already was an internationally acclaimed wind architect and consultant on green solutions when he became a social venture entrepreneur.

I always try to solve multiple issues with one solution.

Windchallenge is the logic outcome of all his efforts: with a team of technical and commercial talents it creates practical products that solve problems. Our core product, The Windleaf, can be combined with a flat roof mast to energize buildings, attached to the top of existing masts to power street lights or put to work to charge batteries.

If you think in answers the wind can offer you, the possibilities are endless.

Wind architect Sander Mertens and prototype The Windleaf
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