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Events | Jorn Sybrandij | 16 Nov 2016

Introducing The Windleaf — Our powerful small and reliable wind turbine

Workshop small wind turbine assembly

Thursday, November 10th was the day of the international product launch of The Windleaf, our redesigned wind turbine. We are ready to take on the world with the most advanced light weight wind turbine.

The international product launch took place in De Fruitvis, a stone’s throw from our office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Many of the partners that helped us through the years of development attended, celebrating this joyous occasion with us. Peter Melis, the Dutch ‘energy transition man’, presented the event. Peter emphasized the beautiful things we can learn from nature, and talked about how society has to adapt to preserve our planet’s beauty. He concluded with a praiseworthy goal: to allow future generations to continue to enjoy earth’s beauty in the future. Everybody can contribute and thankfully we live in an age where technology can achieve our goals, like smart solutions that help minimize our ecological footprint.

Then, the magic moment was there – our redesigned turbine was revealed in all its glorious orange beauty. The Windleaf sets the benchmark for small wind turbines. Our wind architect, Sander Mertens, revealed The Windleaf  together with his life and business partner Eline Mertens. Sander told the story of The Windleaf’s development, including design choices and specifications. He then concluded the presentation with a Q&A session, answering the questions from the audience.

Afterwards there was time for conversation, while enjoying some locally produced snacks.

The team of Windchallenge would like to thank all the attendees for their presence and all business relations for their ongoing support. People interested in The Windleaf, are more than welcome to come by our office, where we’d love to answer any questions you might still have. Just give us a call, and we will see you in Rotterdam!

Product photo by RauwCC.

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