Wind energy and solar energy — An ideal couple for off-grid
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Knowledge | Sander Mertens | 10 Nov 2016

Wind energy and solar energy — An ideal couple

solar wind energy combination

On any location a combination of solar and wind energy can be the solution to create a constant energy supply, totally independent of the grid. This of course especially goes for locations where there is no electricity grid (off-grid). Especially in these situations you need a reliable independent energy supply, and think of solutions for when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing.

In dark winter months, solar panels usually only generate around 20% the amount of energy they generate during summer. To generate enough energy, you either need to create an overcapacity in summer, or you need to come up with another solution in winter. Either way: a full focus on solar panels might not be the best solution for your off-grid energy supply year-round. There simply is not enough sun. But there is wind as well! When there is no sun, like in winter or on cloudy days, average wind speeds are even higher than during the summer or on sunny winter days. To make use of its energy you only need one small plug-and-play wind turbine.

There are not many days where neither the sun shines nor the wind blows, but they do occur. That is why you might need to store energy on a (rather small) battery. The needed capacity for this battery, based on your needs, is lower if you use both solar and wind energy, instead of one fixed energy source.

Solar panels and the Windleaf form an ideal couple for off-grid locations. They complement each other all year round.

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