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Events | Jorn Sybrandij | 29 Aug 2017

The Windleaf on Mysteryland


In collaboration with Red Cross Netherlands and innovation platform Open-House, Windchallenge participated in a test setup at Mysteryland to look for innovative ways to produce energy in disaster areas and refugee camps. The vast number of visitors and the temporary nature of a festival make it an ideal place to test energy generation under these conditions.

Windchallenge was chosen out of 700 applicants to be a part of this inspiring project, and has been working closely with Red Cross Netherlands and Open-House the past year to achieve this  result. Our small wind turbine has proven to be  part of the solution for the problems that emergency services face working under difficult conditions.

Festival as testing ground
The Red Cross acknowledges that looking for innovative ways to produce energy is vital. ‘’In disaster areas we see that topics such as energy and internet are becoming vastly more important. Energy is needed for medical assistance, but we notice that internet is also becoming more important for those affected. By being in touch with the outside world they can let family members know they are safe. To do this however, you need to be able to charge your phone and have access to wifi’’ says Juriaan Lahr from Red Cross.

By testing The Windleaf in The Netherlands first in this setting, necessary alterations can be made, making certain that the product performs in a safe, fast and sustainable manner emergency aid. That is the way we can ultimately help the people most in need.

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