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Knowledge | Sander Mertens | 27 Feb 2017

Pitch-control makes all the difference

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An important aspect of the design of The Windleaf is ‘pitch-control’, or the turning of the blades. Because of this The Windleaf is able to cope with high wind speeds. Our patented technology inside the turbine is able to pitch blades which ensures the turbine is not overloaded by high wind speeds. This makes The Windleaf storm-proof: a key safety aspect.


There are some examples of wind turbines that spin out of control because of high wind speeds. A point is reached where the amount of energy becomes too much and they essentially explode because of the excessive centrifugal force and torque. Non-pitching blades lack a mechanism to handle the centrifugal force at those high wind speeds, eventually disintegrating the turbine.

In addition to resulting in an unsafe wind turbine, solid blades also have the disadvantage that with high wind speeds the turbine has a very high wind load. To accommodate these high forces, the mast has to be very heavy. Pitching blades also solve this problem, minimizing the wind load, resulting in a much lighter wind turbine base.

To summarize, pitching blades make The Windleaf much lighter, safer, and easier to install. We’ve created a fail-safe wind turbine, which is one of the reasons we are able to offer a 10-year warranty. Safety and reliability are paramount.

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